Case 1: Bunny Adventures Tale

This children’s book called Easter Bunny Adventures was a side project by tubik, which we started with the creative objectives to practice narrative illustration for books and boost the skills in visual storytelling for kids.

In this case, there was no hesitation about the character as the fairytale was thematically devoted to the Easter celebration. So, the creative team instantly decided upon a bunny as a hero, an animal character performing anthropomorphically which means it behaves like a human, a kid to be more precise. The main storytelling takes place around the basket of Easter eggs which fell down and all the eggs got scattered around the forest. The main character Little Bunny goes to help his family and collect the lost eggs. However, on that way, he meets many animals that ask him to share the Easter egg with them and in turn, they give him a treat for his kindness. So, the little hero gets back home with no eggs but with many new friends behind, and his family reassures him that being kind and generous is the best he could do.

Now, look how this story was packed in illustrations building a flow of visual narration.