Space Cat

An unlikely hero cat blasts off on an urgent mission to save his home planet from impending doom, but his mission takes a turn for the worse when he crash lands on Earth by mistake. Shipwrecked and far from home the gentle alien cat turns to a courageous Earth girl for help.


When the eldest daughter, heir to the throne, has an ominous vision and learns of the King’s death, she knows the land she loves is in grave danger. Together with a wise and learned cat she discovers the power to save the kingdom is within her.

Pete The Squirrel

When a curious squirrel with a passion for walnuts sees a big bowl filled with his favorite treat on the other side of a window – he wants them – and a puny window-screen is not going to stop this determined squirrel. The furry one’s victory over screen and walnuts takes a leap towards hilarity when a 5-year-old boy discovers there’s a squirrel in the house.