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Hello, my name is Richard Oshen. I am a screenwriter and children’s book author. I live in a small cabin in the middle of God’s country – also known as the San Bernadino National Forest. This forest wasn’t always my home. I lived in a different type of forest most of my life – the kind where I couldn’t see it for the trees – Los Angeles. You may be wondering how I got here. Let me tell you a story…


I’m passionate about the process of taking an unmanifest vision in my mind and writing it into existence. A well-written screenplay reads like a stream of consciousness unfolding like a dream, where the dreamer is at once the observer of the dream and the protagonist. I love that.


My stories spark a deeper conversation between children and their parents, creating a deeper bond.


Whenever I write a story, there’s always a soundtrack in my head playing as I visualize scenes. Some musical ideas are motivated by specific moments within a scene while other times it’s just me exploring different themes.

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