Music is a huge part of my life. I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Rock and Roll Music. In Junior High school I started writing lyrics in addition to playing rhythm guitar and bass and singing in a band called THE KIDS. The Kids became local high school favorites for two reasons: A band mate’s dad owned the happening go-to hamburger restaurant that featured bands on the weekend and two of my bandmates’ brothers played in a hugely popular local band and we tagged along as the opening act.

About the Music

Whenever I visualize a story, a soundtrack plays in my head as  Some musical ideas are inspired by specific moments in a screenplay, while other times it’s just me experimenting.  Enjoy!

Pete’s Theme

Lyrics: Richard Oshen, Rioshima Music BMI
Song: BugaBlue
Performance by: The US Army Blues
Public Domain

When it came time to set pen to paper for Pete the Squirrel, I wanted to give him an optimistic, friendly fun-loving squirrel vibe because Pete embodies those qualities throughout all his adventures.

I wanted to create an identifiable audio signature and wanted “Pete’s Theme” to be about wholesomeness and positivity… that life is for us – not against us… a big band groove fit the bill perfectly. As a footnote, my dad loved Big Band and Dixieland music and passed that love to me – so in a very big way the track is homage to him.

We Love You Space Cat

Music and lyrics: Richard Oshen, Rioshima Music, BMI
Producer & Orchestration: Jerin Sojan

“We Love you Space Cat” occurs at a very tender moment in the story. I sat down one morning and wrote the song from a place of pure love for the little guy space traveler. Just like my main character in the story, I never want Space Cat to leave.

As a footnote, I recorded the song into my voice recorder app in one take. I then sent the files to Jerin Sojan, a music producer I discovered online, who took my idea for the chorus and orchestrated it. He returned the finished files to me, I merged the content and Voila!

I Wonder Where You Are

Music and lyrics: Richard Oshen, Rioshima Music, BMI
Composer: Andrew Holtzman
Vocals: April Holtzman & Audrey McD
Mix & Mastered: Beau Vallis

“I Wonder Where You Are” occurs in my screenplay Katlandia when Billy (the cat hero) becomes separated from Katarina Pennington (teen female hero and Billy’s best friend) by nefarious means – and that’s all I am going to say about that.


A Cat’s Got to Do What a Cat’s Got to Do

Lyrics: Richard Oshen, Rioshima Music, BMI
Vocals: Audrey McD
Mix & Mastered: Beau Vallis
Song: “Absinthe Frappe”, Victor Herbert (Public Domain)
Performance: Al Goodman and his Orchestra plays “Absinthe Frappe”, 1954 Album: Relax with Victor Herbert, published in 1954, RCA

Always remember and never forget: A Cat’s a Cat – and that is that!

Meow for now.

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