Pete The Squirrel ponders Spring Snow


Pete woke up this morning and thought winter had returned. Everywhere he looked, the ground, the trees, and even the mountain tops were all covered in snow. It was as if Mother Nature had decided to play a late April Fool’s joke on the world. Pete rubbed his eyes, half-expecting to see Santa Claus and his reindeer prancing through the snow-covered streets.

Pete the Squirrel riding a sleighPete stumbled out of bed, his feet sinking into the unexpected snow. He pulled on his thick woolen socks and stepped into his cozy slippers. The weather forecast had promised a mild spring day, but clearly, the meteorologists had missed the memo from Mother Nature.

As Pete shuffled to the kitchen, he peeked out the window. The cherry blossoms, usually delicate and pink, were now encased in ice. “If April Showers bring May flowers — this will be a memorable Easter!” he thought.

He wrapped himself in a thick scarf and ventured outside, crunching through the snow like a child on Christmas morning. The snowflakes danced around him, and he couldn’t help but smile.“Easter snow! Can you believe it?”

So, dear readers, as you prepare for Easter, keep an eye out for those unexpected moments. Whether it’s snow in April or a rainbow after a storm, embrace the whimsy of life. Pete certainly would, as he sipped his cocoa and watched the last snowflake melt on his windowsill.

Happy Easter, everyone! May your day be filled with warmth, wonder, and a touch of delightful absurdity. ????❄️????