Pete The Squirrel stands beside a creek in a golden beam of sunlight


Pete wonders aloud, “why there aren’t any thanksgiving songs?”  in true Pete style the ambitious s takes matters into his own paws an writes one! CLICK HERE

His song envisions a world where we live in gratitude 24/7/365  – not just on 1 day.

Thanksgiving is an amazing concept for a holiday and if we practiced gratitude daily what a wonderful world this would be

In a cozy corner of creativity, Pete, the spirited and ever-curious squirrel recently found himself pondering an enigma wrapped in the scent of turkey and pumpkin pie. With a quizzical tilt of his furry head, he mused aloud, “Why, oh why, aren’t there any Thanksgiving songs?” For Pete, this wasn’t just idle curiosity; it was one squirrel’s quest for harmony, a melody to match the heartwarming spirit of this cherished holiday.

True to Pete’s inquisitive nature, he decided to embark on a paw-powered odyssey, determined to fill the musical void in Thanksgiving’s celebration. In no time at all, Pete, with his boundless enthusiasm and a pencil clenched gently between his teeth, set out to create a Thanksgiving anthem that would echo with the joy of gratitude.

In Pete’s whimsical composition, he didn’t just pen a song; he wove a tapestry of harmonies that envisioned a world where the melody of gratitude played on a perpetual loop, not confined to a single day on the calendar. His lyrics painted a vibrant picture of a society where thankfulness flowed like a gentle river, touching every corner of life. Picture a world where expressions of gratitude were not reserved for grand occasions but became the rhythm of everyday existence, a symphony of appreciation for the simple joys and the profound moments that shape our lives.

As Pete the Squirrel’s song unfolded, it became a gentle reminder that the concept of Thanksgiving is not limited to a specific date but is, in fact, a timeless practice that could transform our world into a more beautiful and harmonious place. With each verse, Pete wove a narrative that encouraged listeners to embrace gratitude not just during the holiday season but as a daily ritual, a melody that would soundtrack the small victories, the shared laughter, and the quiet moments of reflection that make life truly rich.

Pete’s Thanksgiving anthem wasn’t just a song; it was a heartfelt plea for a shift in perspective, an invitation to dance to the rhythm of gratitude throughout the year. His musical creation became a celebration of the simple act of saying “thank you” and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us. As Pete put it, “Thanksgiving is an amazing concept, and if we practiced gratitude daily, what a wonderful world this would be.”

So, let’s join Pete in his musical venture, embrace the harmony of gratitude, and make every day a Thanksgiving celebration. In Pete’s world, the melody of thanks isn’t confined to a single day—it’s a symphony that plays on, filling our hearts with warmth and joy, turning life into a shore delightful experience.


Animation, Music & Lyrics                       –  Richard & Pete

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Recording Mix & Mastering                     – Beau Vallis @beauvallis

Musical Performance & Orchestration  – Izzy @monogadjo

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